We The People Health Care

“Simple-Care, Secure-Care, Superior-Care”

Bruce has created the world’s first patent-pending, very-affordable, supreme-quality, simpler, faster, fraud & lawsuit-free, consumer-owned private health Care non-profit for the citizens of Florida.

  • VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION by Consumers (patients) & Providers (doctors), but both are expected to join en masse, due to the many benefits below (25,000+ people 7yr waiting list for Medicaid waiver services in FL).

  • COMPLETE & UNLIMITED CARE: No limitations on visits or coverage, unlike insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, etc.

  • IMMEDIATE ILLNESS ASSESSMENT via remote tele-access to a medical nurse/doctor for any illness, from any phone, PC or mobile device.
  • FASTER TREATMENT: The Illness Assessor designates the ailment Level: 
    • LOW LEVEL:  Over-the-counter meds only. No office/clinic visit required.
    • MEDIUM LEVEL:  Office/clinic visit required and scheduled on-the-spot.
    • HIGH LEVEL:  Hospital emergency/911.
    • CHRONIC:  Countryside green & clean-air Chronic Healing Centers (CHC) in future planning

Veterans have priority.

  • SUPERIOR CARE: Providers are carefully chosen.  Opioid prescription is strictly monitored & minimized, with the aim of eradicating the addiction epidemic.  Emphasis on outpatient surgical procedures since home vs hospital heals better/faster. Hospitals mainly for emergency.
    • The Consumer OWNS a portion of the system, (much like Southwest employees own part of the airline), held in “credits” that can be used to purchase medications, homeopathy, medical cannabis, etc.
    • The Consumer OWNS their information, which is stored on a hack-proof wallet card with a chip.  Extra cards are provided in case of loss, destruction, etc. & can be stored in clinic safes, but are never on a hackable server system.
  • CONSUMER CONTROL: Consumers choose & keep their doctors (once a member).
  • SIMPLE: Far fewer regulations to interfere with providers.  No government agency oversight required.
  • STREAMLINED: No need for or participation by health insurance companies.  Reduces cost & speeds up treatment. Fewer players = Lower cost.
  • EFFICIENT: No lawyer-enriching, system-crippling lawsuits – Members contractually agree to waive jury trial recourse & agree to 60-day arbitration with $250,000 lability cap, payable in credits vs cash.
  • SELF-SUFFICIENT: NO Federal and minimal State funds required. Massive money savings for both treasuries.
  • NON-PROFIT: No 8-figure CEO-pay draining money that could be used to care for Consumers.
  • FRAUD-PROOF: Providers are salaried, so there’s no insurance to “bilk” for payments or reimbursements.
  • AFFORDABLE: $100-$300/mo premium; $500-750/yr deductible. Reduce cost for the poor & veterans. 
  • SIGNIFICANT ECONOMIC BENEFIT: With emphasis on science-based integrative medicine (includes functional, homeopathic, natural, organic, hemp and cannabis/CBD options), state manufacturers and farmers will THRIVE.
  • OBJECTIVE: Millions chose WTPHC, and inferior failing Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance are no longer needed.

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