Bruce Nathan

Military Veteran Genuine Outsider Constitutional Patriot
No Party Affiliate
NPA candidate
for governor 2018


Bruce Nathan

Military Veteran Genuine Outsider Constitutional Patriot
No Party Affiliate
NPA candidate
for governor 2018

Bruce Nathan

Is a Pro-Environment & Pro-Cannabis Candidate,
Who Is NOT a Socialist OR a Politician!


“I care about YOU, because I am YOU... I am NOT a CAREER Politician!"

Bruce is a HIGH-INTEGRITY “people-before-self” patriotic and stellar LEADER:  Joined the military in response to 9-11, and has dedicated the last 30 YEARS rehabilitating children and elderly medical patients.
Bruce is an anti-establishment, anti-corruption, anti-waste, accessible, people-before-party, patriotic, pragmatic, pro-life, veteran, businessman & faithful family man fighting for freedom-loving Floridians.
Bruce passionately CARES about YOU and all Florida citizens FIRST: As professional a HEALTH CARE provider, he and Florida’s most prominent doctors have created the Patent-pending “We The People Health Care™” to help Make Florida Healthy Again!

Family Man

Family Man

Strong Leader

Strong Leader

Compassionate Servant

Compassionate Servant

Veteran Officer

Veteran Officer

Future Governor

Future Governor

“I am YOUR General in the WAR on Corruption!”


Bruce decided to STAND UP and ACT when it was first officially announced that Florida ranked #1 in America in corruption.
(Ranking is based on the number of state officials actually convicted on federal public corruption charges.)

Ask Your Questions LIVE!

To the Most ACCESSABLE Candidate in the History of America


No Question is Too Tough
NOTE:  To have your voice heard, you do NOT need to be:

A connected insider.

A special interest group.

A corporate CEO or union boss.

A wealthy fat-cat donor.

A powerful lobbyist.

"It's a DERILICTION OF DUTY that my career politician opponents refuse to use free Facebook Live technology to give even a single minute of time hear from everyday citizens."

-Bruce Nathan


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Bruce Nathan

The ONLY Candidate Who Committed the Time to Write a Biographical Book for the Voters


“Bruce Nathan is that rare breed who often pays for the stranger behind him at Dunkin Donuts…(see page 8) EXACTLY the kind of man we need as our next Governor!”


– Nate Jurewicz, Senior Political Advisor

YOUR Advocate for the Critical Issues That Actually Affect YOU Directly


    I will stimulate HIGHER WAGES and better CAREER OPTIONS by getting the regulatory “boot off the necks” of FL businesses, so they can GROW and compete for workers by offering higher pay + Paid family leave (because I am PRO-FAMILY) + My patent-pending  WE THE PEOPLE HEALTH CARE™ will STOP draining the budget & GROW the economy like never before!  (See #7 below.)

    I will be the 'Law & Order' Governor:
    • SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS, SELF-DEFENSE, SCHOOL SAFETY, GUN SAFETY: I will strictly enforce both crime AND gun laws, because criminal control works better than gun control. I will implement my School Marshal™ program (rejected by officials when I proposed it 2 years ago) + Maximum support for first responders!
    • FLORIDIANS FIRST: I will end Sanctuary Cities – The demands of illegals must no longer usurp the legal rights of U.S. Citizens!  Illegal immigrants will NOT be allowed to vote, (as they and Democrats are now demanding).
    • CHILD PROTECTION: I will FIGHT human trafficking & child sex slavery + The 'wicked wing' of the pro-abortion extremists pushing to increase abortions for illegal body harvesting and profits.

    I will FIGHT the toxic algae + Be the first state to BAN harmful engineered foods (like so many countries worldwide already have!)
    I am PRO-FARMER (as someone who married into a farming family), and I support expanded hemp farming due to the environmentally friendly aspects of no-pesticide, soil-friendly, low-water + High-revenue for farmers due to the many uses in fabrics, foods and oils.

    I will help CHILDREN to learn more information faster when I return control of our schools from the Federal 'Cryptic' Common Core, back to LOCAL communities.
    Pay raises for all teachers + Merit incentives for the BEST teachers + Consequences for substandard teachers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
    I will INCREASE Veteran Job opportunities + 100% medical coverage for combat veterans + Reduce suicides.

    I will end the growing 'legal child abductions' that unjustly separate children from their parents and award custody to the government – Custody should only happen in cases of genuine child endangerment.  The double-standard of encouraging illegal immigration in the name of 'child-parent unity' while tearing innocent Citizens families apart must stop!

     will TRANSFORM the Chaotic Health Care system with my first-ever Patent Pending private non-profit health care co-op:
    • ENDING the unacceptable 20,000+ people 5-year waiting list for Medicaid. They need coverage NOW.
    • INCREASING the speed of care, while decreasing costs.
    • OWN Your patient data – Only YOU have your medical records, not a hackable government database.
    • NO LIMITATIONS on visits or coverage, unlike insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, etc.
    • IMMEDIATE ILLNESS ASSESSMENT via remote tele-access to a medical nurse/doctor for any illness, from any phone, PC or mobile device.
    • THOUSANDS of new jobs created that cannot be outsourced.
    • ENDING the deadly opioid addiction epidemic fueled by big pharma drug pushers.
    • REMOVING the resistance to medical cannabis access by the bought-off politicians who have given the “middle finger” to the 71% of the people that overwhelmingly voted for the Amendment-2
    • It’s called WE THE PEOPLE HEALTH CARE™ – The ultimate health care solution for everbody, and you can view a brief summary of its many benefits by clicking HERE.




Career Politicians have turned FL upside down!




NPA Candidate


Bruce Nathan will reverse these shameful

rankings and "flip" the state of our State!

BRUCE NATHAN has done more to help the people of Florida as a candidate with NO POWER,
than all of his power-thirsty career politician opponents COMBINED:


U.S. Patent-pending

Learn More

Reverse the #48 Ranking

In Health Care Access

Source: US News & W.R




Licensed Armed Veterans

Learn More

Mandate the “Pollock Plan”

In All Florida Schools

Single point entry + Metal detectors




Common Core Replacement

Learn More

Already Boosting GPA Averages

and Lowering Discipline Incidents

"Hamilton"-like K-12  Curriculum



IMAGINE what he can accomplish, once you elect him to office!

I'm going to be the WORST NIGHTMARE for those who dare harm the great citizens of Florida,

until they are ELIMINATED:

Opioid-pushing pharmas
GMO-pushing food conglomerates
Violent criminals and terrorists
Human immigrant & sex traffickers
Illegal abortion businesses
Judicial & state system child abductors
Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats

I am going to protect, support and fight for ALL law-abiding Citizens, especially the most vulnerable, until
we return Florida to the #1 State in the USA on every study and ranking! THIS is when we know we have delivered on my pledge!




I can't do it alone. I need YOUR help!
Make a Choice Below and...


JOIN the Movement TODAY! 

Can Bruce Actually WIN?

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