Top #10 Reasons Bruce Nathan Can Actually WIN

The 2018 Florida Governor’s Race

  1. Bruce recently WON a LANDSLIDE against the front runners in an independent focus group conducted by a national political consulting firm.
  2. Bruce placed near the TOP in 2016 FL Senate race with 52,451 votes, (despite having almost NO money, NO staff, NO experience, NO free media coverage, and NO name recognition).
  3. Bruce BEAT the next closest candidate behind him with 10 TIMES LESS money.
  4. Bruce BEAT winner Marco Rubio in lowest vote cost by 14 TIMES.
  5. Bruce is using advanced AI technology to listen and learn about the concerns of voters.
  6. Bruce has BROAD appeal – Like Trump, he has attracted the support of many Democrats.
  7. Bruce is the most ACCESSIBLE candidate in the history of Florida politics.
  8. Bruce has Trump-like ENERGY & STAMINA superior to his opponents, and rarely sleeps. He is not gentle and soft-spoken like his main opponents. (Like Trump said, “We don’t need nice, we need TOUGH!”)
  9. Bruce has personally visited the homes of THOUSANDS of patients around the state who have benefitted from his care.
  10. Bruce has accomplished MORE as a candidate (with zero power), than his career politicians opponents have while holding office, COMBINED.

Florida’s Donald Trump?

THIS is why many call him "Florida's Donald Trump"…
They say he has ALL of Trump's BEST qualities, (but none of his problematic ones).

Results Don’t Lie!

Results don’t lie (#1, 9 & 10), and nor do numbers, especially past election results (#2, 3 and 4).
This indicates that when people get to know Bruce, they like and vote for him, and why Bruce Nathan is likely to become the next Governor of Florida.
And not only can he WIN, but his past election results demonstrate he can do so with a fraction of the money, (just as Trump did vs. Jeb & Hillary).
Question is…Will enough donors contribute to help build his advanced Trump-inspired campaign catapult fully capable of launching him into office?

A Donation to Bruce Nathan, is an Investment in Your Quality of Life
And 20+ Million Florida Citizens!

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