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Loyalty Pledge & Code of Conduct

The lives and well-being of MILLIONS of Floridians (and MILLIONS MORE Americans due to the 2020 POTUS reelection) are at stake in this 2018 election, and working for the Campaign is a special and historic privilege NOT to be taken lightly.


Therefore, ALL members of the Campaign must READ, AGREE and SIGN the contents herein:


I hereby pledge my total and unwavering LOYALY and COMMITTMENT to Bruce Nathan and his campaign for Florida Governor 2018.

I acknowledge that the Candidate, Campaign and Cause are GREATER than myself and my own personal or political needs, desires or agendas. I will ALWAYS put the needs of the former ahead of the latter.

I PLEDGE to always tell the truth, and never to intentionally LIE or deceive.

I PLEDGE to minimize mistakes and oversights, and I will always humbly admit my mistakes and ask for assistance or reassignment or tasks or my role if I cannot properly carry out my duties to my fullest potential.

I ACKNOWLEDGE that "doing my best" is not good enough. I will do whatever it takes.

I UNDERSTAND that I am FREE and ENCOURAGED to voice disagreements, in a civil and professional manner. Loss of self-control, name calling, personal attacks, excessive use of profanity, threats, racist, sexist or bigoted remarks, or "locker room talk" will NOT be tolerated, and are grounds for dismissal.

While a member of the Campaign, I shall ALWAYS conduct myself as a representative of the Candidate's BRAND with the utmost professionalism in all my dealings and interactions both inside and outside of the Campaign, in private, in public, and on traditional and social media. (It is best to minimize or refrain from political posts, except for reposts or retweets of official Campaign posts.

I UNDERSTAND that supporters and members of the opposition and the media will attempt to attack me and/or trick me into divulging sensitive information or making statements that can be used to harm or undermine the Candidate.

I understand ALL information to which I am privy or entrusted with shall be considered TOP SECRET, and just one seemingly harmless word could cost the Candidate victory.

I acknowledge that leaking information is one of the most harmful and disloyal acts I can commit. I pledge NEVER to leak ANYTHING to ANYBODY. I acknowledge that anti-leak operations will be conducted routinely to identify, catch and harshly punish disloyal leakers.

VIOLATIONS of this Pledge & Code will be dealt with swiftly and severely, with carefully calculated consequences intended to cause lasting, long-term repercussions that will far outweigh any possible benefit to violating these terms.

Should I become aware of any violations of this Pledge & Code, I will PROMPTLY report it to my superior, and NEVER shall I circumvent my chain of command.

I PLEDGE to communicate important information promptly, especially negative information. "Bad news" does not get better with time.


I PLEDGE to discharge my duties lawfully, and to seek legal counsel when unsure, BEFORE engaging or participating in any delicate, questionable or risky activities.

I CONSENT to a criminal background check. Any potentially questionable activities that are likely to surface shall be sent IN ADVANCE in a separate email to

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