Darling DeSantis Disappoints BIG DADDY & Donors – Is Now Losing The Florida Governor Race By a Landslide, Despite Trump's 86% Approval Rating & Millions Worth of Free FNC Airtime Advantage!


Despite millions in almost nightly free primetime airtime as a Fox News guest, and millions more in the bank, Ron DeSantis has put Trump supporters in a panic now that Adam Putnam is ahead in the polls by almost double Ron’s number, according to a Fox News June 22 poll.


Bruce Nathan, who just polled 13% in a Gravis June 18 poll (but was inexplicably omitted from the Fox poll, probably an effort by the State Party to keep him out of the debate since they can’t control him), responded with a thunder, “Swamp immigrant DeSantis, who was pushed on Trump by the Florida Party establishment bosses, has shown himself to be a WEAK candidate and put-in a half-assed HILLARY-LIKE effort, which has put our President in an awkward and potentially humiliating position, and also signals how poorly he would run the State as Governor.  When Ron fails to improve in the future polls, despite all the endorsements, money and airtime, and then is FIRED (or fires himself), I’ll be ready to grab the torch and surge to the lead.  GOOBERnatorial pretty-boy polished politician Putnam won’t know what hit him.”


Nathan went on to say, “As soon as I saw that tweet 8 to 10 weeks earlier than usual for a primary, I knew there was a big problem, and I could hear President Trump saying, Ron, I’m very, very disappointed in you. You should be BEATING this guy Putnam big-league. Instead he’s beating you by almost double. Something has to change. Now I’m having to give my endorsement much sooner than usual, so this is your last chance. If you don’t get up in the polls after the debate, well, I’m going to have to see about supporting Bruce Nathan. He’s 13% in the one poll that includes him, and that’s with spending ZERO money and ZERO free airtime on Fox. If he had your money and my endorsement, he’d be winning!’”


Nathan went on to say, “Trump would be right to say this, because it’s something he’s personally familiar with. Remember when he famously said in a debate, ‘Look how I’m doing in the polls, and I’ve spent NOTHING!’”


Nathan believes he can defeat Putnam, because he claims to have all of Trump’s 12 winning qualities, which he says will strongly attract the state’s Trump supporters who have given the President an 85% approval rating in the latest Fox News poll, despite only supporting DeSantis 17%.


“All I can say is, once Trump sees Ron is a lost cause and calls me in from the bullpen as the closer to save the day, I won’t let him down. My grit, hustle and stamina is every bit as much as his, and FAR, FAR superior to Ron DeSantis…or Adam Putnam for that matter. I just drove 1000 miles round trip for 14 hours to the Florida panhandle to speak as the invited guest of the Bay County Trump club. They really dislike ‘Distrustful DeSantis’ as they call him. One guy, Fred, went outside and ripped his DeSantis bumper sticker off his car and replaced it with mine.”


Bruce is embarking on his new “Help Me Save Trump’s Face” campaign, and said,  “Trump never wants to be seen as endorsing a loser, and DeSantis is losing bad, so I will do all I can to beat Putnam and help our great President save face, because I will Make Florida Great Again, which Makes America Great Again!”
And Nathan has a BOLD message to DeSantis donors, “President Trump was sold a defective product by the Party bosses. DEMAND a REFUND before it’s too late and the money is spent!  The Nathan machine is tough, durable, can out-think, out-maneuver, out-last Putnam, doesn’t owe any favors to anybody, and is 100% GUARANTEED swamp-free FOR LIFE.”


The Fox News debate producer told the Nathan campaign they would await the Gravis poll, and let Bruce in the debate if he was at least polling 10%.
THEN, after they received the Gravis poll with Bruce at 13%, they said they would take their own poll.  (We suspect they didn’t expect Bruce to poll above 10%!)
Here is that poll:


THEN, when their poll came out, BRUCE’S NAME WAS OMITTED! WHY!?
Here’s why – Because President Trump was stuck with a defective product – Ron DeSantis – sold to him by the Trump-hating Rubio & Bush-controlled Florida Republican Party a.k.a. The ESTABLISHMENT!!
That occurred last year before anyone knew Bruce existed, since he is not a party-owned puppet career politician. 
In January, Trump tweets his support (but not “endorsement”) for DeSantis.  Many insiders say it was to encourage him to get in race, because his heart was not really in it.
Here is evidence to that fact where Ron DeSantis is caught on video just after the tweet responding to the question “Was it a hard decision to run?”

“It’s a good opportunity? SERIOUSLY?”  Not surprising coming from a career politician. It’s always about THEM!
But this helps explain Ron’s low poll numbers, and exposes his lack of desire and commitment to even be in the race, let alone win.
Now listen to the same question and answer from Adam Putnam:


Ok, so he’s probably full of B.S. with a scripted answer like that, BUT you can tell he WANTS to be in the race!



Now listen to BRUCE NATHAN’S ANSWER to WHY he is running for Governor:




Fast forward to June 21, and Fox News informs the poll results to the White House and ALARM BELLS go off – Ron DeSantis is in BIG TROUBLE!
President Trump, who typically endorses 2 weeks or less before a primary election now must scramble and endorse 10 weeks out, to give Ron ANY chance of catching up in the polls, lest he humiliate Trump.


At this point President Trump is probably PISSED, realizing he was sold a defective product in Ron, regretting he ever supported Ron, and probably wishing he knew about Bruce Nathan sooner.


That puts the President in a very tricky position. If Bruce is in the debate, and he tears Ron to shreds, then Ron has NO HOPE of catching Adam.  The decision was made to ensure I’m LOCKED OUT of the debate for this reason.
But President Trump will not support a loser indefinitely.  If Ron does not rise in the polls soon after the debate, he will probably quit or be fired by the President, especially if the donors start demanding refunds.
Then Bruce Nathan will be ready to take over in Ron’s place, and DEFEAT Adam Putnam.
Let’s assume Ron selfishly refuses to drop out, and forces Trump to support him to the death.  Adam Putnam becomes the GOP nominee, and LOSES in the general election, because…


NO Republican has EVER won President without winning Florida.

Due to its of its whopping 29 electoral votes.


President Trump BARELY won Florida in 2016 by just over 1%.

It’s always close, since the Bush v. Gore hanging chad dispute.


Since Trump was elected, hundreds of thousands of Democrat Puerto Rican voters have moved to Florida after the hurricane, now giving Democrats a 7-10% advantage.
Due to the sudden and overwhelming number, the Governor of Florida has declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY.


If a Democrat wins Florida Governor, he will grant 250,000 convicted felons the right to vote.
Just like the Virginia governor did by executive order, and like the governor of New York just announced he is about to do.


This will TRANSFORM Florida from a swing state to a sold blue Democrat state.
It will be almost IMPOSSIBLE for President Trump or any Republican to win President without Florida for a lifetime (or two).


Thus, the Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate MUST be able to get a lot of Democrat votes (like Trump did).
This is the ONLY way to overcome a 7-10% advantage Democrats now have.


As everyone knows, Democrats will NOT vote for any sitting Republican politician. (Whether it’s Putnam OR DeSantis.)
Like most everyone, they are FED UP with the established career politicians.


ONLY Bruce Nathan can get enough Democrats to vote for him to WIN (like candidate Trump did).
Because independent-minded Democrats WILL support a people-before-party anti-politician outsider, like Trump and Bruce.

THIS is why you MUST vote in the Aug 28 primary...for Bruce Nathan.
He is the ONLY Electable Republican Candidate who can DEFEAT the Democrat and KEEP Florida GOP!


A vote for Bruce = A vote for Trump!

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