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Floridians for Abolishing The IRS


For far too long, State of Florida residents and the United States of America have paid taxes by order of the 16th Amendment, drafted 1909 and ratified in 1913.

Specific words of the amendment state:

“The Congress shall have



Florida Health Care Reform Act


The United States healthcare system has weakened over the decades.  It is apparent Congress cannot see any way clear to health care reform that can be utilized by all, no matter their age, gender or condition(s). 

EVERY individual in the State of Florida deserves to have health care best suited for them without having to take on overwhelming debt to pay for it. Taking into account the amount of stress that the healthcare system has cost in mental



Education Reform 101


In the state of Florida. FSA, also known as Common Core, will no longer take place in Governor Bruce Nathan’s Administration. 

All educational rights and responsibilities will be turned back to the counties with guidance from school boards, teachers, parents and the students. There will be two (2) state-mandated tests; one in the first two weeks of school and the other in the last two weeks of the school year for statistical purposes only (to find out



Make Veterans a Priority


Veterans have been NEGLECTED for far too long.

The State of Florida and a new Governor Bruce Nathan Administration will watch each and every Veterans Hospital with amplified scrutiny to ensure veterans are seen in a timely, professional manner, no matter the ailment or sickness. 

We will no longer accept Veterans Administration protocol as it has been for too lax for far too long.

The State of Florida and specific private organizations will



Medications and Prescription Drugs


In the state of Florida will no longer be dictated by pharmaceutical companies.

There will be pricing caps on the cost of said companies; if those pharmaceutical companies want to do business with the state of Florida, prices will reflect a 20% profit margin.

If such companies do not want to reduce their prices, then Florida will negotiate pharmaceuticals directly from other countries where prices are reasonable in comparison, due to



NO More Payoffs
NO More Kickbacks


Florida has seen a major downfall in our environment for decades. The political climate has never allowed our politicians to properly ‘clean it up.’

Overall corruption has led to impotence in our government, in an effort to become ‘environmentally friendly’ so to speak, with multiple corporations that pay money through the back door to permit various illegal and dangerous practices to pollute



No More Disappear


Politicians will not touch this subject with a 10 foot pole.

The statistics are as follows:
310 people in Florida and
1600 people nationally are victims of human trafficking,
but those numbers are unreliable.

Real estimates are some 3 or 30 times that, according to trafficking victims considered to be true survivors.

A Bruce Nathan administration will have several fail-safe plans in place to be sure not one person disappears under



Promote A More Healthy Florida


That multi-billion dollar company will not play in Florida’s sandbox for many reasons.

If we are to become a healthy Florida, the chemicals that we ingest have got to go. The rise of cancers and childhood diseases can ultimately be linked to our water, surroundings and nutrition.

Many farmers using those seeds will be given one year to stop planting GMO seeds and start using organic seeds. The increased cost to the farmer will be subsidized by



Protecting Our Citizens First


In a word, ‘CLOSED'.

The new Governor Bruce Nathan will allow the illegal Sanctuary City a maximum of 60 days to cease existence and deport refugees from the State of Florida.  

First bus is to Washington DC to apply for a green card, then deportation.

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