How Bruce Nathan Can BEAT Putnam & DeSantis Using
"Poli-Digital AI"

Artificial Intelligence is shaping our elections and could be the "insurance policy" that prevents a major National GOP calamity, with the 2018 Florida gubernatorial race as the epicenter.

With so much focus on the use of political data in the wake of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandals, the real game changer – Artificial Intelligence – Is not getting the attention it deserves.

Political "Wonder Weapon"?

A lot has been written about how political campaigns lag behind business in the use of digital. They’ve slowly started to incorporate it, but only Bruce Nathan possesses what he calls the ultimate political "wonder weapon" - Poli-Digital AI (a term coined by his campaign manager Jason Gilbert).


Gilbert has appeared on CNN, received mentorship from President Trump’s most trusted, loyal and longest-tenured right-hand man of 47 years, George Ross, is the inventor of what became Facebook’s Lead Ad feature, and has set internet sales records back when the economy was collapsing. Now his firm ͞Dark Horse AI͟ is combining digital and AI to give an edge to political candidates, using a two-step method he calls ARA which stands for "Attraction, Reaction, Action", whereby 1) Digital attracts; 2) AI measures the reaction, and based on those reactions, causes them to 3) Take an action...To volunteer, donate, and/or vote.

Reliance On Polls Are The KISS OF DEATH

Gilbert asserts the way campaigns measure progress is outdated and needs a different approach, similar to the book and movie Money Ball, where a superior results-based way of measuring data to indicate performance gave the baseball team a major edge.

Gilbert says, "There’s an overreliance on polls. One reason they tend to be inaccurate is because polls typically don’t distinguish between a candidate’s level of name recognition. Say it’s just before election day, and we have been targeting only certain counties, and say we have secured the 600,000 votes needed to win (approximately 50% of the total primary vote) from the over 4.5 million registered Florida Republican voters. A firm takes a poll that may include some of those counties, but also other counties we are not targeting, which means few there have heard of the candidate. This mismatch between the targeting of the campaign and the poll would indicate a much lower polling number for the candidate. To be an accurate poll, it would have to poll only those counties where the candidate’s ads are running.

The Metric That Matters Most – "Cost Per Vote"

Governor Scott spent over $80 per vote in the past to win his primary with approximately 600,000 votes. Thanks to Gilbert’s Poli-Digital AI engine, Bruce Nathan’s cost per vote is only $10 or less, perhaps even under $5. He says this is partly due to the fact that his AI engine allows for instant feedback and measurement of the ads to determine not only how effective they are, but polls the voters at the moment just after they consume the ad to determine if they are a "100% YES" vote, a "MAYBE" (undecided), or a "NO". The NOs receive messages to move them to a MAYBE, and the MAYBE receives messages that move them to a YES. The YESs are asked to volunteer and donate. This does the work of hundreds of humans, and even replaces or supplements robo calls, so it saves on other campaign costs.

AI can measure a digital ad’s effectiveness spending very little money before it’s scaled up, and the subsequent "instant ad polling" and voter or donor recruiting is accomplished without any additional cost, whereas expensive TV ads solicit no instant response or measurement of effectiveness whatsoever. That’s done with inaccurate polls only after multi-million dollar ad buys.

The Fox News Factor

Obsolescent political campaigns raise millions to dump into TV ads, which is why the Cost Per Vote for Rick Scott was SO high at $84. And Fox News is the favorite cash dumping ground for the monkey-see, monkey do TV ads being run by Putnam and DeSantis. A closer examination of the numbers reveals some shocking statistics:

  • Fox News Nielson ratings = 1.4 to 3.4 million viewers.
  • Florida’s 6.4% share = 90,000 to 220,000 viewers.
  • Only 37% of those are registered Republican voters = 30,000 to 80,000 viewers.
  • Many won’t vote – Probably a lot fewer, since this is a primary and a non-presidential election.
  • Even fewer watch ads – Many talk, walk away or fast forward their DVR.

So millions of dollars are spent in an expensive game of negative ad tug-o-war to compete for a small slice of the 4.5 million registered GOP voters only numbering in the tens of thousands.

What About The Senior Voters?

The older TV demographic has higher turnout, but they do more research and think deeper about the candidates, and thus are harder to win with a withering barrage of brainwashing ads. They are NOT the low hanging fruit, and almost each one can be reached via SMS text, and served the same or better “TV-quality” video ads for a small fraction of the TV cost.


The other 4+ million low hanging voter fruit are clearly online, reached via digital ads, nurtured into loyal "sticky" voters with AI, then driven again with AI to volunteerdonate and vote on election day. With the right ad, it’s far cheaper to convert a neglected "less likely primary voter" than a "likely primary voter" that the main 2 competitors are in a spending war to win over.

  • Data is simply the compass.
  • AI is the engine.
  • Money is the fuel. (But thanks to AI the MPG is about 10 times higher.)

Should a donor who is disaffected with the other 2 candidates from the political class realize this, and fuel Bruce’s AI engine with funds, we could be looking at a monumental upset, in the most important election of our time...


And that would be good news for Donald Trump and Republicans, because Bruce Nathan is the ONLY candidate who can win in the general election, now that Democrats have a voter advantage with 300,000 new Puerto Ricans that relocated from the hurricane. Democrats are far more likely to flip and vote GOP when the candidate is a people-before-party, non-establishment, non-politician they feel they can trust, like Trump or Bruce. Trump attracted many Democrats and cracked the "blue wall".  Similarly, Bruce has already proven he can attract Democrats and aims to keep Florida from turning from a 1% presidential election swing state into a solid blue "southern wall" to ensure Trump and other Republicans won’t have to do what has never been done... win without Florida. Bruce is the "insurance policy".



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