NO More Payoffs - NO More Kickbacks

BY Bruce Nathan

Florida has seen a major downfall in our environment for decades. The political climate has never allowed our politicians to properly 'clean it up.'


Overall corruption has led to impotence in our government, in an effort to become 'environmentally friendly' so to speak, with multiple corporations that pay money through the back door to permit various illegal and dangerous practices to pollute Florida.


Under the administration of Bruce Nathan as Governor, there will be NO payoffs NO Kickbacks and NO ability for any Corporation to continue to pollute.


In specificity to Lake Okeechobee discharges, the solution will be found within the first 60 days of my Administration including multiple meetings with environmentalists, conservationists, farmers and various corporations that are in proximity to the lake. These meetings will continue until the solution is found and no state or federal money will flow to any of these individuals until a plan of action is in place.


The Army Corps of Engineers, which is run by the US government - with unlimited funds - unlimited resources - and which is doing absolutely nothing for the state of Florida, is fired; this bloated government entity can pack up and go home. We will start accepting bids from private companies to fix problems. An independent company with leadership via Tallahassee will decide who will be assigned any given project. Realistic timelines will then be put in place with full disclosure to the people through multiple public forums and an increased online presence. Make no mistake, Governor Bruce Nathan will not allow this problem to continue! The solution is within reach.

 November 30, 2017
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Bruce Nathan

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