Florida Health System

BY Bruce Nathan

A proposal of health for all Floridians


Today the health care system is involved with Medicare, Medicaid, Multiple insurance companies and agencies. All of which do not care about the individual or the family unit. They have corporate CEO's who manage the way of health care to assure profits are at their highest and the patients get the minimal coverage. Lobbyists play a large role with the legislative body to keep the politicians in the game. We have all witnessed this for decades. Many American Citizens feel there is no hope. UNTIL NOW! One of the clear problems is the language of ‘how’ the system will work or ‘why’ are there so many regulations against the patient? These and many more questions will be answered within this document. This will be set up as any ‘Puzzle’ would be set up; It will have certain pieces that will fit only in certain places. With all puzzles each piece is the individual fit, same as people, and with this system there will be a relationship with time. In the world of medicine, TIME is a crucial component as we can possibly ‘CURE’ a problem if the said problem ‘is caught in TIME’.

In our Justice system we are provided with a speedy trial on alleged criminals. How come we cannot have speedy Diagnosis and treatment for our sick. Are Criminals more important than the Sick or Injured?

In the next pages the explanation of the Florida Health System will include the pieces of the Puzzle:
In the Florida Health System, (FHS), all patients are now ‘Consumers‘ and the Medical Practitioner/ Hospital will be the ‘Provider
1) Hospitals:  This is our last line of defense to try to bring health back to the sick or injured.

Definition of hospital
1:  a charitable institution for the needy, aged, infirm, or young
2:  an institution where the sick or injured are given medical or surgical care

(h?s?p?-tl, -p?t?l)

1. A facility that provides emergency, inpatient, and usually outpatient medical care for sick or injured people.
A facilitythat provides veterinary care for sick or injured animals.

2. Chiefly British A charitable institution, such as an orphanage or a home for the elderly

The most important part of hospital defined is; it is supposed to be a Charitable Institution for the sick or injured. Along the way of Insurance coverage it became a way to make money off of the sick and injured. That ends with FHS.

Every item in every hospital will have a cost and a given profit margin as this is a capitalistic program. There will not be an insurance coverage price anymore. We are looking at all of the costs for all of the services and DME costs as well. A list is being generated now.

In the State of Florida there will be 3 hospitals geographically located for people with more severe and chronic illnesses. Each hospital will be on a large property and there is a significance for this. Those hospitals will be in a separate packet as they will cover more than one part of the FHS. More to be explained later.

2) Doctors, Nurses, Therapists:

As this is the beginning of the elimination of agencies and ALL insurance companies which will include Medicare and Medicaid, there will be some skepticism with FHS. As Providers, there is a feeling of being in Medicine for the people. Just as a Hospital is supposed to be a charitable institution, the medical professional is working to help the sick and injured. Each Provider will have an early ability to be vested within FHS. As there is a separate aspect of FHS that is capitalistic within its own, the provider can grow with FHS. Why go off the traditional insurance route? The provider can prescribe what is needed for the Consumer.


3) Consumers


For too long the sick and the injured, the patient, now the Consumer has walked a fine line with the insurance company and subsequently, the 'Agency'. The payor source has been the forgotten consumer, who has already paid into Medicare, or their insurance company, or Medicaid through taxation structure. All of them have failed. FHS will not rewrite the same problem schematic instead we will offer an affordable health system with no hands from middle structures. After conducting a small survey almost 90% said they could afford $110.00 per month with $500.00 yearly deductible or a $25.00 co-pay. A family of 3 or more will have a $280.00 per month payment and $750.00 per year deductible or a $25.00 co-pay. The payment and calculation for deductible or co-pay will be at the consumer's providers office. There will be no additional cost for additional procedures that are in the provider's office. The questions about costs are overwhelming to the reader at this point. This is only the beginning of the structure of FHS.

 November 30, 2017
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