Education Reform 101

BY Bruce Nathan

In the State of Florida. FSA, also known as Common Core, will no longer take place in Governor Bruce Nathan's Administration.


All educational rights and responsibilities will be turned back to the countries with guidance from school boards, teachers, parents and the students. There will be two (2) state-mandated tests; one in the first two weeks of school and the other in the last two weeks of the school year for statistical purposes only (to find out how much each student has learned during the course of the year).


Teacher's subjects will be based on a curriculum that has been accounted by the school board in their teaching processes. Teachers will be encouraged to be ever creative, innovative, and asked to utilize all the talented young minds in this educational melting pot.


Students are becoming more and more technologically proficient in the classroom and will be groomed for success, able to compete nationally and globally against their peers and the world. No longer will teachers be subject to harsh penalties for students who do not succeed. Schools can make the determination when a child is recommended for ESE, Continuum on curriculum or those showing gifted abilities. Schools no longer will include specifics of Islamic or Sharia law, as they are not, and NEVER have been a part of our cultures, religions or Constitution.


American and world history are invaluable lessons to be taught to upcoming generations, so the bad parts of history will not repeat themselves…for example the JFK assassination, the Vietnam war, and the election of the 44th president.

 November 30, 2017
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Bruce Nathan

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