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Who is Bruce Nathan?

As a Physical Therapist for over 20 years, Bruce Nathan started as a pediatric therapist and in the last year has become a PT working with patients of all ages. Bruce and his family came to Florida in 2000 to work for the Florida Elks Children’s Therapy Services. It was a program in its infancy which gave him a chance to work with children 0 to 18 years old as he had been doing in New York as well.

In 2016, Bruce wanted to discover more about the problems with the healthcare system and began working with many agencies via his own practice. This now independent operation his has given Bruce more flex time to run his campaign and to learn more about how to fix the current health care problems.

He visits 5 to 8 homes a day for Physical Therapy home care and gets to hear a lot about healthcare issues while working with his patients!
Bruce Nathan joined the United States Army Reserves directly after 9/11 to help in any capacity he could. At the time, Bruce was a registered Democrat- but just like his hero, President Reagan, he changed to the Republican Party.

Bruce has an honourable discharge as Captain from United States Army Reserves on February 2010 as he stayed over his eight-year contract to do one more mission.


Bruce was never about politics or the party system as his children kept him busy with coaching little league, Baseball and Softball, for a good part of 10 years. He also volunteered as the creator and producer of the ‘For Your Kids’ Radio program with his children that ran for 12 years.

Issues surrounding problems with children has been foremost on his mind for years as many politicians appear to have little interest, except where it may affect their voting constituents!

Martial Arts has been a primary interest to him since Bruce was 10 years old, and he has made sure his children would learn various styles with the latest, Krav Maga, used in Israeli combat training.

Divorced from his first wife in 2008 with full knowledge of the problems of Family Law in Florida, he did not re-marry until 2016 after dating his now present wife, Chrissy, for over nine years.

Bruce and Chrissy have 2 children together and one came from her previous marriage. He has a well-blended family with Chrissy coming from a Baptist upbringing and her parents practice is Pentecostal. His thoughts and feelings are pro-life and conservative.
Family fun has always been a big part of how Bruce and Chrissy raise their family.


Here’s the family:
Kirsten, 26, Florida State University Graduate. Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in Residency at a hospital in Las Vegas.
Tess, 20, SUNY Maritime College, New York
Brock, 18, University of Florida under a ROTC scholarship
Kenna, 11, All new middle schooler
Livia, 8, LOVES TO READ, and has read the first 3 ‘Rush Revere’ books.
Kya, 7, the ‘Baby’, who’s too spoiled, but can be very funny!

Bruce is the Author of the Book ‘Senator Who?’ which is his autobiography before he ran for the US Senate in 2016. He did that as an NPA or ‘No Party Affiliate’ candidate. This non-party status helped him to see what it was like to run for office.

As he kept working, he ran around the state 3 times to over 100 events and garnished 52,000 votes after spending about $17,000 in comparison to his opponents who spent 40 million dollars in total.

Bruce received no media attention and very little money, but that never discouraged him. His dedication for political change is in the best interest of his and all the children of the state and country.

Now Bruce is running for Governor of Florida back with the Republican Party and still has no ‘political experience’ but he has expertise in communication with people, and knows how politics works.

He is dedicated to not play the games of most politicians or people running for an office. A positive approach about the issues is all Bruce wants to present to the potential voters. Accessibility is another key to his candidacy and as a future Governor.

Bruce believes that elected officials should not live in an ivory tower and as Governor he will open satellite offices to increase his ability to meet with all who want to share their thoughts and ideas on the issues facing our country today.

And Bruce Nathan knows that saying Good-Bye Lobbying will help our state say, Good-Bye Corruption!


Some points on Bruce:

  • Father of 6
  • Physical Therapist (over 20 years)
  • Jewish
  • U S Army Veteran
  • Conservative
  • Constitutional Patriot
  • Pro-life
  • Little League coach (10 years)

Bruce is in favor of…

  • Second Amendment Rights and open carry in Florida
  • Ending Federal Taxation in Florida
  • Ending Federal Gas tax in Florida
  • Implementing 10 cent ‘Consumption Tax’
  • Ending Florida’s poor education system
  • Abolishing common core
  • Implementing Florida Health System
  • Increasing Veteran Job opportunities
  • 100% Veteran Health Coverage
  • Solutions to our Environmental Problems
  • Ending Human Trafficking
  • Closing Sanctuary Cities/90 day Moratorium on H1B and L1 visa
  • Family Law Reform
  • Ending the epidemic of parental alienation by our courts
  • Medical Marijuana distribution site implementation

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