If you do NOT vote in the Aug 28 GOP primary election,
Donald Trump will likely NOT be re-elected President

Here is why...

NO Republican has EVER won President without winning Florida.
Because of its whopping 29 electoral votes.

President Trump BARELY won Florida in 2016 by just over 1%.
It’s always close, since the Bush v. Gore hanging chad dispute.

Since Trump was elected, hundreds of thousands of Democrat Puerto Rican voters have moved to Florida after the hurricane, now giving Democrats a 7-10% advantage.

Due to the sudden and overwhelming number, the Governor of Florida has declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY.

If a Democrat wins Florida Governor, he will grant 250,000 convicted felons the right to vote.
Just like the Virginia governor did by executive order, and like the governor of New York just announced he is about to do.

This will TRANSFORM Florida from a swing state to a sold blue Democrat state.
It will be almost IMPOSSIBLE for President Trump or any Republican to win President without Florida for a lifetime (or two).

Thus, the Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate MUST be able to get a lot of Democrat votes (like Trump did).
This is the ONLY way to overcome a 7-10% advantage Democrats now have.

As everyone knows, Democrats will NOT vote for any sitting Republican politician.
Like most everyone, they are FED UP with the established career politicians.

ONLY Bruce Nathan can get enough Democrats to vote for him to WIN (like candidate Trump did).
Because independent-minded Democrats WILL support a people-before-party anti-politician outsider, like Trump and Bruce.


THIS is why you MUST vote in the Aug 28 primary...for Bruce Nathan.

He is the ONLY Electable Republican Candidate who can DEFEAT the Democrat and KEEP Florida GOP!

A vote for Bruce = A vote for Trump!



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