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Protecting Our Citizens First

In a word, ‘CLOSED’.

The new Governor Bruce Nathan will allow the illegal Sanctuary City a maximum of 60 days to cease existence and deport refugees from the State of Florida.

First bus is to Washington DC to apply for a green card, then deportation.


 Every aspect of our Florida lives and economy depend upon a healthy, vibrant and sustainable environment.

Our agriculture, tourism, real estate development, boating and beach sports, sightseeing, sport fisheries, even the values of our own homes rely upon us acting as responsible stewards of our ecosystems.

This is not our land and water. We are merely taking care of it in our time. This duty was passed to us by previous generations and we will pass it on to our families and future Floridians. They all depend upon us to do the right things now and we will not fail.

We would not allow oil slicks or poisonous landfills to take it all way. We cannot allow chemical based farming of GMO crops to do the same thing. After decades of expanding chemical based agriculture citizens and agriculture interests are learning the same hard lessons we learned in the medical fields; natural solutions developed from new technology are the best approach and result in fewer unintended consequences. Today we have serious problems growing worse and Florida state government has not taken the lead to get ahead of it. Reliance upon applied chemicals to produce GMO foods consumers prefer to avoid is damaging our Florida far beyond the fields where chemicals are used.

Chemical runoff seeps into our soils and flows into our streams, swamps, rivers and saltwater. Nature is showing us the warning signs of bigger problems to come. We have algal blooms choking rivers and waterways. The blooms release harmful toxins into the air we breathe. Beautiful homes and communities are damaged as fish and wildlife are forced to alter natural patterns of sustainable life. We cannot accept this on our watch. Without change it will surely grow worse.

We have to make the changes in agricultural methods to protect and preserve our ecosystems. Timber, mining and the petroleum industries stepped up and made changes when they were causing the damage. It is now time for our agriculture industries to do as others have done.  Governor Bruce Nathan will not ignore or put temporary band aid solutions on the problem. He will establish a Round Table Commission bringing all parties and concerns together to develop final solutions ending the problem. He can do that while protecting agriculture revenues and preserving the beauty, bounty and natural wonders of Florida far into the future. He will not leave these issues to be toyed with by politicians serving the interests of large donors buying favors through campaign donations and support.

That is how we got here.

We are fortunate to have the world’s greatest agriculture and biotech firms involved in Florida agriculture. I will invite representatives of Monsanto, Dow and DuPont corporations to our Round Table to meet with leaders of affected interests so all voices are heard and action is effective. No one has a greater reason to care about the future of agriculture industries in Florida than those who want to keep selling the products all farmers use. The titans of yesterday’s agriculture can become partners in the necessary transition to organic production, seeds and sustainable practices. The best agriculture science minds in the world have a key role to play in providing sustainable crop production consumers are comfortable with and our ecosystems can thrive next to. Florida cannot permit self-serving interests of one industry to adversely affect a multitude of other industries and quality of life for citizens. What we can do is what Florida will get with Governor Bruce Nathan. He will stop kicking this can down the road and we are going to do it with a real partnership involving those who created the problem. The ancient natural beauty we share our lives in today will be restored and protected for the Florida of our future.

No More Disappear

Politicians will not touch this subject with a 10 foot pole.

The statistics are as follows:
310 people in Florida and
1600 people nationally are victims of human trafficking,
but those numbers are unreliable.

Real estimates are some 3 or 30 times that, according to trafficking victims considered to be true survivors.

A Bruce Nathan administration will have several fail-safe plans in place to be sure not one person disappears under my watch.

NO More Payoffs  – NO More Kickbacks

Florida has seen a major downfall in our environment for decades. The political climate has never allowed our politicians to properly ‘clean it up.’

Overall corruption has led to impotence in our government, in an effort to become ‘environmentally friendly’ so to speak, with multiple corporations that pay money through the back door to permit various illegal and dangerous practices to pollute Florida.

Under the administration of Bruce Nathan as Governor, there will be NO payoffs NO Kickbacks and NO ability for any Corporation to continue to pollute.

In specificity to Lake Okeechobee discharges, the solution will be found within the first 60 days of my Administration including multiple meetings with environmentalists, conservationists, farmers and various corporations that are in proximity to the lake. These meetings will continue until the solution is found and no state or federal money will flow to any of these individuals until a plan of action is in place.

The Army Corps of Engineers, which is run by the US government – with unlimited funds – unlimited resources – and which is doing absolutely nothing for the state of Florida, is fired; this bloated government entity can pack up and go home. We will start accepting bids from private companies to fix problems. An independent company with leadership via Tallahassee will decide who will be assigned any given project. Realistic timelines will then be put in place with full disclosure to the people through multiple public forums and an increased online presence. Make no mistake, Governor Bruce Nathan will not allow this problem to continue! The solution is within reach.

Medications and Prescription Drugs

In the state of Florida will no longer be dictated by pharmaceutical companies.

There will be pricing caps on the cost of said companies; if those pharmaceutical companies want to do business with the state of Florida, prices will reflect a 20% profit margin.

If such companies do not want to reduce their prices, then Florida will negotiate pharmaceuticals directly from other countries where prices are reasonable in comparison, due to their government’s intervention to stop price gouging.

Make Veterans a Priority

Veterans have been NEGLECTED for far too long.

The State of Florida and a new Governor Bruce Nathan Administration will watch each and every Veterans Hospital with amplified scrutiny to ensure veterans are seen in a timely, professional manner, no matter the ailment or sickness.

We will no longer accept Veterans Administration protocol as it has been for too lax for far too long.

The State of Florida and specific private organizations will take over the care of our veterans, as the cost associated will have decreased through a Nathan administration’s proposed overall Florida Health Care Act. Costs will be subjugated by the state of Florida.
Our Veterans have served us well and it is time for payback. The Veteran will have Zero cost in Governor Bruce Nathan’s Health Care System and No longer have the wait time associated the old ‘VA’ Debacle. This system will say “Thank You” to our Veterans instead of stressing them out.

Education Reform 101

In the state of Florida. FSA, also known as Common Core, will no longer take place in Governor Bruce Nathan’s Administration.

All educational rights and responsibilities will be turned back to the counties with guidance from school boards, teachers, parents and the students. There will be two (2) state-mandated tests; one in the first two weeks of school and the other in the last two weeks of the school year for statistical purposes only (to find out how much each student has learned during  the course of the school year).

Teachers’ subjects will be based on curriculum that has been accounted by the school board in their teaching processes. Teachers will be encouraged to be ever creative, innovative, and asked to utilize all the talented young minds in this educational melting pot.

Students are becoming more and more technologically proficient in the classroom and will be groomed for success, able to compete nationally and globally against their peers and the world. No longer will teachers be subject to harsh penalties for students who do not succeed. Schools can make the determination when a child is recommended for ESE, Continuum on curriculum or those showing gifted abilities. Schools no longer will include specifics of Islamic or Sharia law, as they are not, and NEVER have been a part of our cultures, religions or Constitution.

American and world history are invaluable lessons to be taught to upcoming generations, so the bad parts of history will not repeat themselves…for example the JFK assassination, the Vietnam war, and the election of the 44th president.

Florida Health System

A proposal of health for all Floridians

Today the health care system is involved with Medicare, Medicaid, Multiple insurance companies and agencies. All of which do not care about the individual or the family unit. They have corporate CEO’s who manage the way of health care to assure profits are at their highest and the patients get the minimal coverage. Lobbyists play a large role with the legislative body to keep the politicians in the game. We have all witnessed this for decades. Many American Citizens feel there is no hope. UNTIL NOW! One of the clear problems is the language of ‘how’ the system will work or ‘why’ are there so many regulations against the patient? These and many more questions will be answered within this document. This will be set up as any ‘Puzzle’ would be set up; It will have certain pieces that will fit only in certain places. With  all puzzles each piece is the individual fit, same as people, and with this system there will be a relationship with time. In the world of medicine, TIME is a crucial component as we can possibly ‘CURE’ a problem if the said problem ‘is caught in TIME’.

In our Justice system we are provided with a speedy trial on alleged criminals. How come we cannot have speedy Diagnosis and treatment for our sick. Are Criminals more important than the Sick or Injured?

In the next pages the explanation of the Florida Health System will include the pieces of the Puzzle:


In the Florida Health System, (FHS), all patients are now ‘Consumers‘ and the Medical Practitioner/ Hospital will be the ‘Provider


1) Hospitals:  This is our last line of defense to try to bring health back to the sick or injured.

Definition of hospital

1:  a charitable institution for the needy, aged, infirm, or young

2:  an institution where the sick or injured are given medical or surgical care


(hŏs′pĭ-tl, -pĭt′l)


1. A facility that provides emergency, inpatient, and usually outpatient medical care for sick or injured people.
A facilitythat provides veterinary care for sick or injured animals.

2. Chiefly British A charitable institution, such as an orphanage or a home for the elderly

The most important part of hospital defined is; it is supposed to be a Charitable Institution for the sick or injured. Along the way of Insurance coverage it became a way to make money off of the sick and injured. That ends with FHS.

Every item in every hospital will have a cost and a given profit margin as this is a capitalistic program. There will not be an insurance coverage price anymore. We are looking at all of the costs for all of the services and DME costs as well. A list is being generated now.

In the State of Florida there will be 3 hospitals geographically located for people with more severe and chronic illnesses. Each hospital will be on a large property and there is a significance for this. Those hospitals will be in a separate packet as they will cover more than one part of the FHS. More to be explained later.

2) Doctors, Nurses, Therapists:

As this is the beginning of the elimination of agencies and ALL insurance companies which will include Medicare and Medicaid, there will be some skepticism with FHS. As Providers, there is a feeling of being in Medicine for the people. Just as a Hospital is supposed to be a charitable institution, the medical professional is working to help the sick and injured. Each Provider will have an early ability to be vested within FHS. As there is a separate aspect of FHS that is capitalistic within its own, the provider can grow with FHS. Why go off the traditional insurance route? The provider can prescribe what is needed for the Consumer.

3) Consumers:

For too long the sick and the injured, the patient, now the Consumer has walked a fine line with the Insurance company and subsequently, the ‘Agency’. The payor source has been the forgotten consumer, who has already paid into Medicare, or their insurance company, or Medicaid through a taxation structure. All of them have failed. FHS will not rewrite the same problem schematic instead we will offer an affordable health system with no hands from middle structure. After conducting a small survey almost 90% said they could afford $110.00 per month with a $500.00 yearly deductable or a $25.00 co-pay. A family of 3 or more will have a $280.00 per month payment and 750.00 per year deductable or a $25.00 co-pay. The payment and calculation for deductable or co-pay will be at the consumer’s provider’s office. There will be no additional cost for additional procedures that are in the provider’s office. the questions about costs are overwhelming to the reader at this point. This is only the beginning of the structure of FHS.

End Federal Taxation

For far too long, State of Florida residents and the United States of America have paid taxes by order of the 16th Amendment, drafted 1909 and ratified in 1913.

Specific words of the amendment state:

“The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

Now the technicality in the 16th Amendment arises from use of the words ‘income’ and ‘wages’ and their respective definitions:

in·come  ˈinˌkəm/  noun

1.)  money received, especially on a regular basis, for work or through investments.

wage  wāj/  noun

1.)  a fixed regular payment, typically paid on a daily or weekly basis, made by employer to employee, especially to manual or unskilled workers.

The technicality shown here means in no uncertain terms that:

Income is money that’s already been earned by a person through employment or other such means.        It is not specifically stated as said income has not made it into the literal pocket of the person who earned it. So the state of Florida, including all citizens in the state, will no longer partake in federal income taxes under this new Administration of Governor Bruce Nathan. Federal taxes will no longer be hijacked from any person’s paycheck and/or earnings.

This action to be taken by Governor Nathan on behalf of the state of Florida will start legal action against the Internal Revenue Service.
The administration will file a class action lawsuit against the I.R.S. on behalf of the State of Florida and its citizens.


I am asking each Florida resident to visit the website: and sign a petition holding accountable the I.R.S. for improprieties undertaken throughout the past Century.

There is a possibility that damages for monies taken from Florida citizens could reach billions of dollars over the course of the last century.

There are two more specific reasons Florida will ‘OPT OUT’ of the IRS that has not been explained at this time. They are based in specific legalities that surrounds the 16th Amendment.

More Federal Taxes that will not be paid is the 18 to 24 cents per gallon of gas that is collected from the people of Florida.

The talk of a Fair Tax or Consumption Tax has Floated around for decades. At this time we would be looking at an 8 or 9 or 10 cent tax per dollar of retail sales. This will be explained in full without any doubt how it will all work prior to the election. There will be NO wasteful spending in this administration. The hard earned dollars earned by We The People that are taxed during the sale of an item will be used to benefit the people of Florida in various ways. More to come….


President Ronald Reagan’s Blue Ribbon Panel Grace Commission (setup solely to investigate reported income tax:

“100% of what is collected is absorbed solely on the interest of the federal debt. All individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel paid on the services taxpayers collect on the government.”

“I believe that in both spirit and substance our tax system has become un-American.  Death and taxes may be inevitable.  But unjust taxes are not.”

President Ronald Reagan

Bruce Nathan 2018